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          Welcome to Shaoxing Xingxin New Materials Co., Ltd. website!
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          Hot keywords: Piperazine Anhydrous 、 N-Methylpiperazine 、 N-Ethylpiperazine 、 N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)piperazine 、 Triethylene Diamine
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          Core value concept of corporate culture:
          Including the five contents of corporate vision, corporate mission, core values, business guidelines, and general programs for employees, it is the core and soul of our company's corporate culture.

          Corporate vision:

          building the largest and respected production base of piperazine series products in the world

          Our Mission:

          satisfying customers, benefiting employees and benefiting shareholders through continuous technological innovation

          Core value:

          Loyalty is dedicated to enterprises, filial piety to parents, sincere to others, love to society, and confidence to ourselves.

          Business strategy:

          Ensuring safety production and environmental protection and achieve sustainable development.

          General Principles for employees' care:

          Care employees, share weal or woe, and self -improvement.

          Contact us

          Trista Luo (Export Manager) +86-575-82728137 13858441040
          Email: sales@xingxinchem.com

          Gabriel Wang  +86-575-82728137 18067661926 


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