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          Welcome to Shaoxing Xingxin New Materials Co., Ltd. website!
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          Hot keywords: Piperazine Anhydrous 、 N-Methylpiperazine 、 N-Ethylpiperazine 、 N-(2-Hydroxyethyl)piperazine 、 Triethylene Diamine
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          2,2'-Dimorpholinodiethyl?ether (DMDEE)

          2,2'-Dimorpholinodiethyl?ether (DMDEE)

          CAS No.: 6425-39-4
          Package: 210KG/DRUM , 1050KG/IBC DRUM
          Applications: Catalyst particularly suitable for one component polyurethane rigid foam sealant systems
          Appearance: Colorless to Amber Liquid
          Product Name 2,2'-dimorpholinyldiethyl ether
          Synonyms 2,2-morpholinyl diethyl ether; 2,2-dimorpholinyldiethyl ether; DMDEE; 2,2-Dimorpholino Diethyl Ether; 2,2-Dimorpholinodiethylether; 2,2'-Dimorpholinodiethyl ether; DMDEE; Bis(2-morpholinoethyl)ether
          CAS RN 6425-39-4
          EINECS 229-194-7
          Molecular Formula C12H24N2O3
          Molecular Weight 244.3306
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